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Servant Evangelism



What is Servant Evangelism?


Servant Evangelism is a term that was first used by Steve Sjogren, the founding pastor of the Cincinnati Vineyard.  Steve's vision was that "Small Things Done with Great Love Will Change the World", and we at the Vineyard Church in BG agree!


Below is a brief overview of Servant Evangelism, from the website:


The Power of Kindness

To get a complete understanding of Servant Evangelism, you should order and read Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren, founding pastor of a church that grew from a handful to an average attendance of 7,500 in just fifteen years. Such things happen now and then. What makes this story unusual is that this happened in Cincinnati, Ohio --- a city that has long been known for its in-your-face unfriendliness! Mark Twain spent a good deal of time in this city on the Ohio River and often commented about how rude people were. When this church was launched, Cincinnati was ranked as the third most unfriendly city in America. After serving about 12 million people over those fifteen years the, tone of the city literally changed and that change had made a permanent impact on the city in innumerable ways. Servant Evangelism (SE) connects people to people in a natural, easy, low-risk, high grace way.







Servant Evangelism Opportunities:




Show God's Love in a Practical Way: Munchie Patrol!

Looking for a way to show the love of God? 

How about showing love through snacks to our "late night" crowds in downtown BG.  Stay tuned for when the next "Munchie Patrol" outreach will be taking place.

See Gary Bair to hear about the many ways God has moved in this ministry!






Show God's Love in a Practical Way: Free Hugs!

Looking for a way to show the love of God?  How about with a FREE HUG! 

Vineyard Church in BG is working on the next site for our "Free Hugs" Ministry. 

Stay tuned for future dates and locations. 

See Katelyn Elliott to hear about what God did at our last one! 





Show God's Love in a Practical Way: Food Giveaways!

Looking for a way to show the love of God?

How about through our various cookouts and

drink giveways.  Stay tuned for future dates

and locations.